So Much More Than Concrete

All services are performed by our knowledgeable and experienced operators, and our fleet of service trucks. Our trucks carry water tanks and a full line of equipment, allowing independent operations at the most remote locations. All operations are dust free, and we strive to leave every job site as clean as we find it. Water control, a water containment process using a vacuum and plastic if necessary, is available on any job with all services. Removal of material either on or off site is also available with all services.


Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is a dust-free process of drilling holes in all types of concrete, asphalt and rock. Our specially developed equipment and experienced operators have the ability to cut any depth and angle of hole with excellent accuracy and precision.


Our core drilling services offer benefits across many industries. Our small drilling service is a very economical way to increase productivity for electrical, plumbing, fire protection, mechanical, and fencing installation. It is also an easy option for drainage and landscape rock drilling.


Our more advanced core drilling services offer solutions for heavily reinforced concrete, large lighting installations, post-tension cable installations, cell and radio tower drilling, and any type of deep drilling. We can drill up to 60 inches in diameter and to any depth.


Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is a clean method of cutting asphalt or concrete slabs. We utilize electric, gas and diesel powered machines which have the capability to cut up to 18 inches deep. Because we utilize wet cutting methods, there is never any concern of airborne pathogens. Our water containment systems allow us to leave any site clean and dust free.Slab sawing provides precise cutting and clean edges without the damaging impact or vibration from breaking tools. We have state-of-the-art electric slab sawing setups of all sizes which can be run in any indoor environment without producing the harmful fumes of gas saws.


Our small electric concrete saws are ideal for plumbing or electrical trenches, selective slab removal, or complete small slab removal. We use our large electric saws for warehouse renovations or any other large indoor sawing project. Our large electric saws enable us to cut large quantities in a fraction of the time. We also have gas saws of all sizes. From driveway cutting to highway sawing, we can handle any job. And we guarantee to get your sawing job done faster and more precise than any other company.


Wall Sawing

Our wall sawing process allows us to cut concrete or block up to 72" thick.  We provide clean lines with a dustless, vibration-free process. This allows us to provide precisely-cut openings for selective demolition without the threat of structural damage.


Our flush cutting capabilities enable us to cut flush with the floor, another wall, or any other required surface.  We can cut concrete structures of any shape, size, or depth and overcome obstacles that seem impossible. Our operators thrive on a good challenge.  Doorways, window openings, mechanical or plumbing openings are a breeze with our cutting capabilities and unparalleled experience.


Hand Sawing

A hand saw is a hand-held saw designed to cut concrete block or thin concrete walls. Hand sawing enables us to cut almost any size opening quickly and precisely, without threatening the integrity of the wall. It is also an excellent tool for cutting in confined spaces or areas of limited access. All of our operators have received extensive training on hand sawing precision and safety standards. 



Wire Sawing

A wire saw uses a system of pulleys and hi-tension diamond-coated wire to cut any shape or depth. It is typically used to cut concrete that is too thick or an unusual shape and cannot be cut with traditional methods.


Our wire sawing capabilities set us apart from other cutting companies as it provides us with limitless cutting possibilities. We've cut mountains with our wire saw. Literally, the Monzano mountains.



Our grinding capabilities range from aggressive grinding to remove trip hazards and high spots, to light grinding to smooth or flatten. Electric and gas grinders allow us to offer interior and exterior services.



We specialize in traction grooving for highways, bridges, airport runways, or anywhere traction is a concern. We have smaller machines for transverse bridge-deck grooving, and larger machines for highway and other large projects.


Sawing and sealing is a process of green-cutting concrete then sealing the joints with a flexible sealant to prevent cracking and freezing damage. We offer sawing and sealing services for green sawing and sealing of joints, joint widening, and compression joint sealing. We install many types of sealant including several types of self-leveling silicones and two-part joint fillers.

Decorative Sawing

Sawing & Sealing


Decorative Sawcutting

Decorative sawcutting is an excellent way to add character to a basic concrete floor or slab. Since joint sawing is recommended as a component to any slab to prevent cracking, decorative sawcutting is an excellent way to incorporate a utilitarian feature into the design of a concrete floor. The option of sealed joints will create a seamless, easy-to-maintain finish. We can create any design and cut to almost any depth or width.



Our demolition services include all types of concrete and asphalt cutting and removal. We specialize in selective demolition such as wall opening removal while maintaining structural integrity, or excessively thick asphalt or concrete removal. We are capable of large-scale demolition including swimming pools, concrete structures, bridges, dams, and arroyos, among others.

Concrete Installation & Pour Back

Concrete Placement

We offer concrete installation and pour back services for small to medium-size projects as an added benefit to our demolition service, or as an individual service. Our formers and finishers have over 10-years experience to ensure you get the best finish possible. 


Concrete X-Ray

Ground Penetrating Radar

State-of-the-art ground penetrating radar equipment takes the guess work out of slab content. Our concrete x-ray services assists in the location of conduit, rebar, post-tension cables, wire mesh and other metal located within the concrete.

Line track, another feature of the GPR service, also locates active electrical lines in the slab.